Saturday, May 05, 2012

cinco de kentucky derby

We had a wonderful day and it isn't even over yet.

We went to Mankato late morning, dropped Gus at the PAW pet resort and I got a quick stop at my favorite thrift store, MVAC, in Mankato. I found a great long denim skirt for three dollars and a gorgeous crimson (never worn) raincoat for eight dollars. I won the lottery!

I tried to find a picture of the red coat on the interwebs but the only one I found was ugly. Regis is sleeping or I would ask him to take a photo. Maybe later.

A customer who comes into the coffee shop regularly says he has never seen me in the same clothes twice. He said this yesterday when I was dressed to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I said he often sees the same clothes, just combined in different ways. I told him my idea for a dumb waiter clothes closet but he thinks I have a Harry Potter virtual closet. I haven't read Harry Potter so I don't know.

We stopped at the pet store to get Gus some treats. This is the place where strange people take their dogs for brief meet-ups. It's almost creepy. The dogs don't play together, they just meet in the aisle and sniff each other and leave. Can you imagine people doing that?

We met some folks at Famous Dave's who Regis is going to marry in September, Peter joined us, we ate ribs, we gabbed and had a great time. Of course, the tv was blaring severe storm warnings enough to make you want to get up off your bar stool and head into the walk-in cooler but turns out it was rain. Do they have to over-react to rain? If a tornado is headed down the street, I want to know by siren....but not heavy rain. This the fourth day of this BS and I say enough.

I have the same feelings about the news. If a masked killer is coming down my street; I want to know. Murder and mayhem in far flung Do not want to know. Have compassion for the victims but it does not help for me to know.

Sometimes these wedding things are fun and sometimes they are a buzz kill. This couple seems very nice. He is a fire fighter so his dress uniform and the fire trucks are going to be a part of the festivities. I'm sure I will cry as I always cry at weddings, parades, and poignant commercials.

There is no comma on my Kindle. What does this mean? When I send an email, I cannot find the comma. Is the comma obsolete? Regis says it's there and I just can't find it. Same thing as being not there, right? I wonder if quotation marks are there...which are what should be obsolete. I hate those damn things.

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