Monday, April 02, 2012

trip to the outer reaches of minnesota

Regis, Gus, and I motored to Canby for the weekend to see Mom. We left Saturday morning and anticipated a trip in bright early spring sunshine. Not to be. Some weather man jibberish blamed it on an inversion and the upshot was that instead of 80 and 90 degrees, it was more like a damp 55. My feet froze and I wore a jacket all weekend.

We had a great time with Mom. My mom is something to aspire to...she's active and funny and she has a busy life. We sent Regis to the newly re-modeled liquor store in the afternoon to buy a box of wine. He came back with the report that they had a wine tasting and were serving tator tots as a palate cleanser. Guess that works as well as anything. Well, maybe they were just the snack.

This is a busy week. I've invited friends for dinner two times, I'm taking Ella shopping for an Easter dress, Regis has a meeting, grocery shopping tomorrow, and I have to work. All fun stuff but it will be busy. We're having the off-spring and their families here for Easter dinner so the prep for that will start about Friday.

Things on my list of things to do today:

  1. Finish menu and grocery list
  2. Pick up house and put out a few Easter decorations
  3. Clean out refrigerator
  4. Work from 12:00-3:00
  5. Pick up Ella at school at 4:00
  6. Buy an Easter dress for Ella!
Enjoy the spring day! Happy April!

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