Saturday, April 28, 2012

saturday things to do

We had a party last night to honor the impending birth of Baby Valentini. Mostly colleagues and customers of River Rock. We had a wonderful time and it was not a traditional shower. It was non-gender specific, it involved wine and beer, the menu consisted of chicken wings, cheese, bread and olive oil, and dark chocolate covered almonds.

The theme of the night was favorite childhood books.

Gus was allowed at the party and for the most part, he behaved himself. He caught on fast, that when he heard a car door slam, another person who might be interested in petting him was coming. He loves people.

I have several projects I need to get done this weekend. I volunteered to write the bios for the school retirement thing on Wednesday and I've been dragging my feet. I should learn from this, shouldn't I? Some things in life, when the time is right, should just be left to float over the horizon like a big balloon.

I need to write a short speech for a friend of mine who is retiring this year. This is a task I look forward to because I have it mostly written in my head and I like Ann.

I need to gather up some summer clothes to take to the consignment shop on Tuesday. And I need to spend some time learning about social media marketing. Almost everything I learn serves to show me how much more there is to learn.

Better get started...

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