Wednesday, April 11, 2012

history of a pie

Boston Cream Pie. Somehow, I manage to bake the cake part, slice it in half, remove it and reassemble it without breaking it into a hundred pieces. Here it is with the custard layer which might have been too thick but a guy can't throw out homemade custard now, right?

Here it is with the chocolate ganache, another miracle. I had to boil cream and dump it over chocolate chips. It seemed way too runny but I stirred and stirred and finally it looked right, although a few chocolate lumps remained. When I started pouring it over the top, I thought it would never work. It pooled up a little on the bottom but hey, not bad, I'd say.

Here's how it looks when it's served. This was the first piece and I had a little trouble getting it to lay down without manhandling it. 

A lot of putzy work but fun. It got good reviews.

It's been an interesting week. We took Gus to daycare on Monday and I did a little shopping. I felt like I needed some spring color. I wanted orange...bright orange. I found a few things but not many. Shoes are awfully dull, aren't they? Why can't grown-up women get shoes in bright colors? I found toddler shoes in bright colors but they must think women want to look like immigrants.

Through a series of interesting coincidences, Peter has a job offer in Slayton. Here's how it happened:
  • I happened to be in River Rock one day last week when my friend Liz was in for coffee.
  • Liz happened to mention a road trip to Slayton.
  • I had time, at that moment, to ask her why she was going there.
  • Answer: A potential client. A printing firm.
  • I told her to ask if they were hiring because Peter is job hunting. She got a few particulars and down the road she went.
  • She came in the next day. Yes, yes, and yes. The owner's name and phone number.
  • Peter went to an interview on Monday and they offered him a job. There are some final details to work out but it looks like he might be moving to Slayton. Here's to Peter and to Liz!
On my way to exercise. Some days my butt drags getting there. I appreciate it when it's done and most days I tolerate it fairly well but I wish I got that adrenaline rush like some people do. Rachel is running in the Boston Marathon next week. Running 26 miles...not for me.

Better get going. Happy Wednesday.

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