Monday, April 02, 2012

extraneous crap

I'm on a mission to rid my life of extraneous crap. I spent the last hour looking at my desk and thinking about what I use and don't use and throwing away a lot of stuff I never look at anymore. I used to keep CDs of pictures and music. All of that is stored in the cloud now so there is no need to keep it all in plastic format. Right? It just clutters up your head.

I have a pile of boxes ready for the EP on the 11th, a pile of boxes for the consignment store on May 1st, I've thrown three bags in the trash and there is more to come. What is this urge to acquire junk and then just let it sit around getting in your way?

This is hilarious.

I've been reading a zen blog about simplifying your life be getting rid of the stuff you have to move to clean around, the stuff you have to search through to find the stuff you really just goes on and on. Too much stuff.

Now that I have purged my space of some stuff, I'm getting ready to do something!

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