Thursday, March 29, 2012

the wind has blown more than dirt

I think March went with the wind, too. Is it part of getting older that the days don't seem to slow down but to just get faster and faster all the time?

We had all three grandchildren here for dinner and play last night. There was a lot of what you see in the pictures: hugging, hilarity, funny-face making, and doggy dismay. Gus ate a few small toy parts and snatched an unattended bread stick. All in all, it was a fun evening.

We were at the park and Alex and Elliot were on some riding toys. Alex asked me to make an elephant noise and I did my best. He made a face and said his dad's elephant noise is much better. I think I can be glad for that. Or at least not sad.

Ella did a great job of keeping the boys in line. She made announcements like, "We are not crossing the street until you boys hold my hands!" and " I am not pushing the merry-go-round until you boys sit down!" I told her she was a good big sister and cousin to be so attentive to the boys.

I think I learned (or re-learned) a lesson about food when small children are in attendance. The simpler the better and don't go to too much trouble. I made marinara from scratch and Regis made breadsticks...too much fussing and not enough result. Ella enjoyed all of it but the boys were way too busy to eat much. Maybe next time we go to Patrick's for chicken strips and tator tots.

One of the nice things (there are many many many) about being around small children is that they are delighted by everything. These are some of the things that amused and delighted the little ones last night: a jet plane streaking across the sky, a rabbit hopping through the park, a dog name Roger, a dog named Zoey, a dog named Waldo, a dog named Sadie (seeing a pattern?), swinging, the train whistle, a motorcycle passing on the street, strawberry popsicles, each other. It was sweet.

It's been a very busy week for some ordinary reasons. I did some fun things at work...delivered a big lunch order and hosted a senior citizen bank tour luncheon. I wanted to ask when the old people were coming because some of those folks looked about my age. What the hell, I say.

I took Gus out early this morning and the sky was beautiful. Made it worth waking up at 4 a.m. Well, almost. Gus is going to daycare again this afternoon, which will delight him. Regis takes him to the dog park several times a week and he loves that. What's not to love if you are a dog? Regis said all the dogs clump up around the gate whenever a new dog arrives, they sniff each other to say hello, they romp madly together, and they walk in the mud. It's like dog heaven.

There you go. Regis tells me that they have found a way to extend the current sporting tournament into April.   That's a special kind of madness.

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