Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's such a pain in the neck to trade winter clothes for summer clothes in my tiny closet that I told Regis I had a great idea for an invention. (I don't think this means I have technically invented it...just imagined it.) I described a closet on a winch system where you could push a button and one closet would travel into a storage space below and the other closet would travel up into the space for current seasonal clothing. It would be like a pair of giant dumb waiters. Good idea, no?

We had this mopish foggy morning that finally broke out into sunshine about the time I retreated to a dark room to read a book on my kindle. Just my luck.

I had lunch with my friend, Joanne, today. We lingered over nachos and wine, walked through the shops downtown, and had a fine time. We should do it more often.

I'm going out for dinner, too, to celebrate the 38th birthday of a coworker and friend at Patrick's. I thought long and hard about what to buy for a little birthday memento and finally settled on a glass Viking ship from the Swedish shop. I told Regis it's because we always talk philosophically about life. He missed the point and maybe she will, too, so I better include a brief note about the meaning of my gift. Uff da and ha!

I realized this morning while making my menu and grocery list for the next few weeks, that Easter is in two weeks. I had to decide if I wanted to do a traditional meal (ham) or a maverick meal (pulled pork sandwiches). Think we're going with the ham.

Regis is cutting coupons out of the paper. On one page, Maxi-pads. On the next page: Depends. He asked if I needed either one and then made the observation that I am right in between. Ha. In the transition phase. Ha.

I always carry a small notepad around with me for my random thoughts and things I want to remember. I had it on my lap as we drove to Mankato on Friday, then left it with Regis in case he thought of something. When I looked at it yesterday, he had written this:

  1. Cogito ergo sum
  2. String bikinis
  3. Bald faced lies
He cracks me up.

Early Sunday morning and I am in the midst of muffin baking, grocery list making, and planning for the day. I'm going out and about on my bicycle but probably need to go to the coop with the car unless I want to pull the wagon behind and that would look a little weird.

Better get on with the day. There may be a report filed later. You just never know.

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