Friday, March 23, 2012

consignment shopping

I swore a few weeks ago that I was not bringing one more piece of clothing into my house but today, I made a visit to Encore in Mankato where I purchased four skirts, two belts, and two tops for 80 dollars. I also made an appointment to go back with what I clean out of my closet. Ha!

I like to do that thing where you find a look for two hundred dollars and reproduce it with thrift and consignment store purchases for twenty. I'm not sure I did a great job but I did a passable job. What a hoot.

Because I like to shop at this store so much, I brought a birthday party invitation to one of the employees. Another woman (about my age) asked me if this was our 60th wedding anniversary party. WTF lady.

As promised, the revised flashlight collection.

We watched a movie from the 70s last night and ten minutes from the end, I learn that the main character does not make it out of the movie alive. I hate that. I like more redemption in my entertainment, meaning that I like to have things end in a rosy and uplifting manner. Don't give me that shit that real life isn't like is if I believe it is.

So, now Regis wants me to go and see a futuristic  movie where lots of people kill each other and plot to kill the ones who aren't dead yet. Yeah. What a nice way to spend an afternoon. I told him I would give it a whack but I have been known to take long naps in movies like this. I didn't make it through one of the Lord of the Rings movies without a nap. Too many sword fights for my taste.

The weather will be gorgeous tomorrow. My bike is getting tuned up and I am going off on some errands. Look for me pedaling down the street.

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