Sunday, February 19, 2012


The weekends always come to a screeching halt. Here I am on Saturday coming out of the thrift store in Mankato. I never used to like thrift stores or consignment shops because I thought they smelled funny. Now, I  have gotten over the funky smell and I just like getting cool stuff for not much money.

This photo was taken from the car where Gus and Regis wait for me while I shop. They don't seem to mind.

We celebrated Alex's 3rd birthday this afternoon. It was fun even though I was injured. More about that later. Here is the evidence that a good time was had by all.

Ella lost three teeth in the last week. It hardly seems possible that she is old enough to lose teeth already.

So, my injury. Last night, I tripped on a shoe and went over to the left where I whacked my left hip pretty good & my left hand as I tried to catch myself, but the real damage is that I wrenched my back on the right side in the process and now I'm experiencing muscle spasms as a result. I spent most of the day horizontal with short periods of verticalness. I am feeling better tonight but not too much better. If I move around too much I feel the overwhelming need to be horizontal again.

We're looking for a reliable and responsible sitter for Gus. He is neurotic when we crate him. Today, he chewed up a bag of dog treats, broke the plastic tray in his crate, sprayed dog spit in every direction, and was a general train wreck when we got home. Once in a while we like to leave the house together without worrying that he will create chaos and mayhem. We would pay well and we usually aren't gone more than three hours.

Here comes Monday.

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Jill said...

I hope you're better today, Teresa. Sounds like a painful fall, and then to have muscle spasms, too? Not fair!