Sunday, February 26, 2012

spam...on notice

I get spam comments almost every day now. Usually they are trying to sell me counterfeit cialis or oxycontin. I am asking them to cease and desist or I will surely go on a rant and then they'll be sorry. I don't want to buy drugs from some weird off-shore factory website. I don't want cialis. I don't want oxycontin and I don't want my penis to grow four inches. Who sits in front of a computer and composes this crap? Get a life and a real job.

Regis laughed when I asked him about it. He said computers generate that kind of spam. A pox on the computers that do this. And a pox on the person who invented it. I might just shut off the comments for a while to show them who's boss.

Regis and I are making our favorite dinner: flank steak and grilled peppers and onions. So pretty and so delicious. Steak is seasoned, peppers and onions are sliced and ready.

I must be cranky today. The spam thing irritated me, then I got my hair up over something stupid on Facebook. I try very hard not to be disrespectful of the stupid ideas that people have about religion, sexual orientation, politics, television (FOX), movies, and books but sometimes I can't help myself and I have to unsubscribe. My right, right?

We had a spell of sunshine this morning then clouds and wind. Lovely. My least favorite weather events.

I checked my archives today and I only published 11 blog posts this month, almost an all-time low. I'll have to ponder that and see what the cause is.

Thursday night my vignette writing group is going to meet here for wine and appetizers. Should be fun. They want to see the possibilities for starting a blog.

On to cooking, the red carpet, and Sunday psychosis.

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