Saturday, February 25, 2012

saturday and all of that

I see I haven't written a post since Tuesday. I wonder what I have been doing.

This is a great story. We have a customer, Danny, who owns the Road Haus in Henderson. He's a quiet sort of guy who drinks shots of espresso. I noticed him because people who drink their espresso by the shot instead of at the bottom of a sugary drink are not that common. We finally struck up a conversation and now we visit from time to time when he comes in, which is often.

One afternoon, he came back to my office and asked if I had a minute to meet someone. He had a fellow named Jeff who is the Chamber of Commerce president in Henderson. He laughed when he said that because he said, it's a small job. Henderson is a tiny town.

We had a nice visit about marketing, for which I am responsible but about which I know little.

He told me I should check into a recording studio going into the Carnegie building in St. Peter. Danny said when his wife worked for Nye's in Minneapolis, they did a lot of catering business with recording studios who had clients in making records at all hours of the night.

I tried to find these people on the internet but wasn't successful so last week when it came out in the Free Press, I called and left a message offering to bring samples of some of our baked goods down to their studio.

When I didn't hear back, I sent a post card with the same offer.

Thursday, I'm lounging around the pool (bath tub) drinking coffee when the phone rings. They are having a meeting on Friday morning at 9 a.m... and could I come with some samples?

I get right on the phone to talk to the kitchen staff. They're on it and will have things ready for me at 8:30.

I show up and get the grand tour (beautiful and fascinating), meet about ten people (eclectic crowd), and get a chance to talk about our food and coffee. Success, right?

I spend a couple hours in the morning, trotting around town to visit with people about the possibilities of renting space for meetings where we could cater coffee and food. This is turning out to be a very stimulating day brain-wise.

I go home about 1:00 and the phone rings. One of the folks at the meeting earlier had been showing our menu around and did we deliver to Mankato. Not ordinarily, I say with a laugh, but I'm on my way over there (to look at that fur coat I had been dreaming about...the one that was too small but cheap) so I would be happy to deliver their lunches.

Another call to the kitchen. They get things packaged up and I head to Mankato. I issue a disclaimer that sometimes the food gets a little off temperature when it travels but I hope it's satisfactory and I would like to know what they think.

I stop to have a glass of wine and clear my head on my way home. I visit with a few more people.

I'm walking home down 3rd Street and my phone rings two more times. One to say the food was 5+++ and another to talk about the possibilities of catering when bands are in the studio recording. So much for clearing my head.

It's cold and windy and I just want to go home but I keep talking and walking and thinking about this great circle that's happened because of one chance encounter.

I'm going to Eagle Lake this afternoon to celebrate Elliot's third birthday. Better get busy wrapping presents and making potatoes.

So, that's what I have been doing.

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