Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Here is what Regis said about this mess:  Lake Augustus in the back yard. The damned dog, Gus, for which the lake is named, is to blame for this quagmire. How one dog could destroy that much grass in six short months is a marvel. If Gus would just go to the bathroom on the neighbor's lawn like our old mutts all would be well.

And this is our dinner. Two recipes from Alton Brown....pan seared sea scallops and a spinach salad with warm bacon dressing. Regis took this wonderful photo. I asked him to study up on food photography and I'm sure that's what he's doing right this minute.

I think I got the searing down but it sure fills the house with smokey fumes. Both doors are open and I'm sure the town cats are headed our way.

I'm tempted to just go to bed even though it's only 6:30. The weather is wretchedly depressing and tomorrow might be worse. Why do I dwell on it?

I walked home from work today, thinking that the sidewalks were bare of slush because they were downtown where of course, merchants were shoveling the slush to the curb. Once I got into the residential area, the sidewalks were a mess. I walked in the street for a while until a car went by and sent a plume of snirt (snow + dirt) into my path. I should have sat down on a step and called someone to come and get me.

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