Saturday, January 07, 2012

weekend in winter

It doesn't seem like a weekend in winter. It's brown, it's warm, and there are no predictions of the blizzard of the century bearing down on us. It's very boring.

I have been spending more time at my desk this week...sorting junk mail, writing down addresses, getting organized. I dug out an old address book because I can't seem to manage keeping track of them electronically. Now, I'm on the hunt for my really old address book that I've had since the 70's. Once in a while, I like to count how many times different people have moved. Ha! I know...strange. It's interesting to go through an old book like that and see how many people have just dropped out of your life.

Ah, well. I'm tired of digging around in the archaeological dig of my life. I think I'll move into the future and write the first paragraph of next year's Christmas letter.

The things I did today going backwards:

  • Put a well-seasoned round steak on the stove with lots of peppers and onions and a little hot salsa.
  • Ordered invitations for our 60th birthday party in June.
  • Took Gus for a three-mile hike.
  • Cleaned up around my desk.
  • Took a tub of pictures and memorabilia to the basement.
  • Took a bag of paper trash to the recycler.
  • Wrote the first paragraph or two of next year's Christmas letter.
  • Did the dishes and picked up the house.
  • Designed a badge for some friends at the coffee shop.
All in all, a productive and fun day.

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