Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the week starts out with winter's return

I barely left the house yesterday (Sunday) but I know it was warm outside because I saw people walking with their jackets open and no hats or gloves. I should have taken advantage of that but I didn't.

The wind today was cold and wicked ass bad. Sorry for the cussing.

My friend, Jill, spotted this book title on Amazon this morning: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. She said it sounded like a title that came from one of my dreams and it surely does.

I made cabbage rolls for dinner. I have never eaten cabbage rolls, or even seen them, in my memory anyway, and to make them more palatable I gave them a pizza flavor. I used pizza sauce and added fennel and Italian herbs. Regis calls the hallupke or something and said his mama is rolling in her grave because Polish cabbage rolls do not taste like pizza. I said next time I would skip a step and just chop the cabbage and make it into a hotdish. Hahahahaha. This is how ethnic food transforms.

It's young Regis's birthday today. He is over thirty but I'm not going to figure out by how much because it will make me feel old. I should have invited him down for pizza hallupke but at some point, your kids don't want to celebrate their birthdays with their parents...until they get to be about 50, right Mom?

I have to go and listen to folkmusic etc on KMSU.

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Karen1 from BE said...

Fred made cabbage rolls last night from a recipe I made up for him. He kept talking about the ones his mom used to make, so I made him describe them. Then I found about 10 recipes and cut and pasted and adjusted until I thought it worth the time and trouble to try them. They took FOREVER - we didn't eat until 8pm - but they were amazing. No pizza flavor, but lots of spices and herbs so very, very flavorful.