Thursday, January 19, 2012

tim who?

At the coffee shop, there was a picture on the kitchen door of some sports figure. I walked by it many times before I bothered to see who it was. Tim Tebow. Who? If he hadn't had a helmet on, I wouldn't have known which sport he played. I mentioned him to my boss today and she said, "Who?"

There are about 30 years between us, me and my current boss. We are alike in some strange ways and our complete and utter disinterest in sports is only one. We laughed and furrowed our brows as we puzzled over the Super Bowl. Which sport is that for again? And isn't it presumptuous to think that everyone wants the sports section in the Sunday paper?

Mom just gave me the low-down on the GOP debate. The moderator asked Mr. Gingrich about an allegation that he asked his ex-wife for a three-way. I am almost falling out of my chair and that's no BS. This is a subject for a presidential debate? I wonder how many people listening to that debate know what a three-way is. OMG WTF ROTFLMAO. It's like a Woody Allen movie.

Regis took Gus to dog obedience school tonight, the special ed version as he gets a little ADHD when he's excited. Apparently there was a registration SNAFU and there were too many dogs at the 6:30 class and not enough dogs at the 7:45 class so they asked Gus to come to the later class so he could get more individual attention. That's the key phrase there, folks. Well, I thought 6:30 was late but I did consider accompanying Regis and Gus from time to time. Not to any 7:45 class, however. I will be in bed shortly.

It's zero degrees here tonight. Probably more like below zero by now.

I'm reading Ian Frazier's book Travels in Siberia which is fascinating but very long. I've been reading it for a long time and I'm only 43% done which is how Kindle Fire tells you where you are in the book. Isn't that sort of relative? I have no idea how many real pages there are...only digital pages. These are some of the things I love about this story:

  • In Siberia, the mosquitoes are so bad that they wear protective gear to keep them out of their eyes and ears and throats. There is a hilarious passage about this that I tried to highlight and send to myself but my technology skills failed me.
  • The two guides are never on time, bought a van that on most days, does not work, and seem unconcerned about their lack of maps, clocks, a gas gauge, and  indoor plumbing. In fact, in most places there isn't even outdoor plumbing unless you count shrubs as outdoor plumbing. This would not be a trip for me. Even Ian Frazier says usually reading about travel is more fun than actually traveling. I knew it!
  • There is trash everywhere. Not just McDonald's trash and disposable diapers but industrial trash. Neon green industrial trash. Metal filings and steel barrels.
  • Suddenly, some of things I learned in history classes along the line, seem real. Exile? Really?
I've read a couple of his other books but when I'm done with this one, I'll check out his whole list. He is a wonderful writer. Akin to John McPhee in the non-fiction department.

Here is my advice: Stay inside tonight. If you go outside, wear mittens. Avoid the television. If you watch television, stick to MTV or Turner Classic Movies.


mom said...

There is a place for athletics in the world, Teresa. I have always felt that if a child does not have the smarts to be a straight A student, athletics can certainly help him or her have a small measure of self esteem. That is not all bad; and by the way I read the sport page. I like to know the scores. Tim Tebow is supposed to be a wonderful human being. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Isn't he the guy who writes bible verses in the black out under his eyes? Last week it was John 3:16. Isn't that the one that goes, "and god was so pissed off at his teenage son that he sent him unto the world to play football
as a Denver Bronco?"