Tuesday, January 10, 2012

stuff i've noticed...my sarcastic side

I've been a little disturbed lately about the parking wars going on around town. This is not a new thing, nor is it unique to St. Peter.

The gym where we go is next door to a building that was recently purchased by a pizza  restaurant. There is a parking lot between the two buildings. One of the owners of the pizza place came over a while back and asked the owner of the gym to let patrons know that they were not allowed to park in the parking lot anymore as it is part of their lease, they keep it clean, their customers need it, etc.

The owner of the gym sends an email and posts signs reminding us not to park in the parking lot. Yeah, we get it.

Then comes an officious, rude, and threatening letter (written on pink and blue paper) saying that people who do park there will be fined and have their cars towed at their own expense yada yada yada.

So, the owner of the gym posts her own signs that there is no parking in front of her business from 5:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. At least she didn't mention towing.

Can't we all just get along?

I'm thinking that I go there for exercise. If I have to park a half block away so some dude can get right in front of the pizza joint, I can deal with that. His heart attack, I figure.

I see this all over in Mankato. No parking. Parking for customers of this store only.

We have certainly become uncivilized.

I noticed something weird in the paper Sunday. I like to read the obits and noticed a section called In Memory (or the Latin equivalent). There were prayers there, written to God, about people who have died. God reads the classifieds?

This is like some of the posts I see on Facebook: Dad, it's been two years since you passed. We miss you! Dead people have Facebook accounts?

Yesterday as I got ready to go to work, I heard a huge noise in the street. It was a giant gas-powered digger picking up Mike's tiny Christmas tree. It had the tiny tree pinched between the giant claws and it motored down the street to drop the tree into a giant dump truck.

I have been walking around town so I know. There are about a dozen of those discarded trees on the north side of St. Peter. I'm thinking a dude in a pick-up and a dude jumping out every six blocks or so could pick them all up in an afternoon. What about our carbon footprint? Besides...it looked ridiculous.

Regis and I have been watching Woody Allen movies because for some reason, I missed them in the 70's and 80's when they were fresh. Last night we finished Small Time Crooks. I love the part where Frenchie's taste is criticized as "low rent" by her hoity toity friends...they say it looked like a leopard exploded in her living room. There I sit...on a leopard chair, in a leopard scarf, wearing a leopard bracelet and a leopard belt. The irony did not escape me.

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Karen1 from BE said...

I needed that! laughed so hard the boys made me read it out loud.