Saturday, January 14, 2012

road trip

Road trip today with Gus in the back seat. Many stops (Coop, Friendly Confines, River Rock, Kohls, Aldi's, MGM, Walgreens, Famous Dave's) while Regis either waited with him or we took a seat by a window. He enjoys traveling but doesn't like to be alone. It was a fun day. Now...Delbert McClinton, sauvignon blanc, rib tips, and the fireplace.

Maybe we discovered a way to do some things without hiring a babysitter. We scoped out a few places with windows where we can keep an eye on Gus in the car. We thought we'd tell people that our kids were in the car so they would give us the seats we want. I know...not funny.

Tonight we're going to recreate the great Sideways caper. 

I have several funny stories about Sideways. The first we saw it, we invited some friends over to see it, then checked out the reviews where it was called a "horndog road trip". Sound of screaming. These were not the kind of friends who would enjoy that kind of humor, I assumed. I was wrong. They laughed and slapped their knees and we had a wonderful time.

The second time.

Betty: I bought a fifty dollar bottle of wine to see if it's better than cheap wine.

Me: Betty: You don't like wine. (Thinking that I would like to know...)

Betty: Oh, that's right.

Me: Why don't you come down with your wine. I'll buy a bottle of expensive wine and we'll watch Sideways.

So, there we were. Regis and Betty are not fond of wine. Tom and I finished off two bottles of really nice wine and then a bottle of cheap wine. We decided the expensive wine was better but that we would have to get different jobs to support our wine habit.

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