Thursday, January 12, 2012


Regis found a photo booth app for his iPad. We can take pictures like the old photo booths at the fair and the mall. Ha! We want to have a photo booth party where people bring props and we provide costumes and we take pictures. Does that sound like fun?

My hair looks like crap because once you slap a wig on your head, your hair does not recover well. Ah, well. One of life's problems but not a big deal.

I like to wear sunglasses in flash pictures because I always close my eyes.

I think I like the black and white version looks more authentic.

I continue to be amazed by the number (infinity) of apps that seem to be available and I am ever curious about who makes them. Who sits around waiting for an idea to come and then invents an app? Is invent the right word? Probably not...probably develop.

I was sitting at work the other day and heard two people having a conversation about web development. It was like a foreign language.
I feel like in the last month, I entered a new phase at work. It doesn't feel like I have to struggle so much with the basic parts of the job. They're becoming sort of automatic now so my chi can be aware of and concentrate on other things.

And because the basic parts require less brain function, I can have fun with the other parts. I caught one the other day...a friend was speaking about someone she knew who has a huge organic garden. The lightbulb went on way earlier than it would have two months ago. It would have taken a few days to crank that thought out then. I am connecting the dots faster.

Regis and I watched the movie Sweetland again last night. It's based on the short story by Will Weaver called A Gravestone Made of Wheat. I read it for the first time in the Sunday Tribune Picture magazine about 25 years ago. The next day, I took it to school and read it aloud to twenty high school boys. I cried when I read it at home so I thought the tears were done but I cried like a baby when I got to the end and they were mesmerized. It was one of the great truths of my teaching career: Kids learn as much from your reaction to things as they do from the thing itself, maybe more. They talked for a long time about how moved I had been by that story.

The movie is wonderful, for the story, for the setting, and for the harshness of the times. They changed the plot which is an irritant to me...the plot was the magical thing about the story but I guess they had to add that modern element of real estate sale in the end. Ah, well. No less magical. I love the movie.

Here is a link to a Word document with the story. And the movie.

It's a sweet read and a great movie.

I hate the wind. I really hate it. It's been howling all night and I can't stand it. I think I'll work in the basement today.

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Joanne said...

This is one of my favorite short stories and movies too. I still remember going to the movie with Regis and you on very bad winter roads. Regis was driving and you and I were not breathing- ha! Sounds like us, doesn't it?