Sunday, January 29, 2012

oh, my aching head

I have had a weekend of technology. First, I spent most of yesterday figuring out all that promotion business with qr codes and smart phones, then I have spent today figuring out the new google pathways to my blog. It ain't easy being me.

Regis and I went to a party last night where we played games and gambled. I am notoriously bad at card games but these were easy and a lot of fun. None of them involved holding a card to your forehead which was the game I played last time I was at a party where we played cards. That was probably 1982. I managed to hold my own in the games with only occasional reminders to pay attention or pay my quarter. It was a laugh riot and I came home with five dollars more than I had when I left. So there you go.

I am constantly amazed by the stupid things that get a lot of attention. I wrote a goofy post on FB about qr codes and teaching an old dog new tricks. So far, about ten people have "liked" it. I can write a lovely and lyrical thing about being in the coffee shop in the morning and I don't get squat for feedback. Ha!

This is going to be a short blast because I have to figure out how to put all of my music into the Amazon cloud. Wish me luck.

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Joanne said...

Love the poem- can you send it to me so I can print it and hang it where I can read it every day. I don't know how to print from your blog.