Sunday, January 01, 2012

the new year dawns windy

Regis got some kind of electronic message this morning regarding a high wind alert. You know how those things come out of nowhere...the messages, I mean. I have no idea, most days, how information gets into my head because there are too many sources. Way too many sources. And really? Someone had to send a message that it's windy? I knew that in the middle of the night when I was half asleep with my eyes closed.

I bought myself a present for the new year, a Kindle Fire. I was resistant at first, then came to the conclusion that at the rate I am reading right now, I will fill the house with books again shortly and we don't have room. So, if I wanted to attempt a conversion to electronic reading, I had to get something friendlier than the Kindle I was using, an older model black and white job. I was not a fan of that Kindle. I didn't like that I never got to see the cover of the book. I couldn't remember titles of authors because I didn't have any visual framework. I missed seeing the back cover and the short reviews.

I spotted this on Amazon the other day and bought it kind of impulsively. I love it, though. It's got vibrant colors, it's easy to use, and the writing looks like a real book. It's backlit so I can read in bed without a light on and I like that. It does email and the web and all of that which wasn't a big selling point for me, but what the hell.

It has pretty much rendered my phone useless because it does everything my phone does except make calls. Hey, that's funny. I think I'll go back to something that just makes calls. That would be....a telephone!

We had a quiet New Year's Eve at home. We are not apt to partake of the NYE frivolity anyway, both of us having an aversion to loud and crowded bars but our dog prevents some of the socialization we used to get as he's a fifty-pound furry infant.

He's a character and we enjoy him immensely. Regis has taught him several great tricks which we intend to film and publish on Youtube. He can count to three, do a couple of easy math problems like two plus two and the square root of nine. He can answer a couple of easy questions. It's very amusing.

A cardinal in the bird feeder with his tail pointing into the wind almost was up-ended. Poor thing.

I'm working on my menu and grocery list for the next few weeks. It's a little hard to think of going back to normal cooking instead of big meals and left-overs.

I just got done with my major art project for River Rock. I have been dragging my feet on this for a long time because I feel inadequate about my artistic ability. I had the brain storm to do a collage instead of some fancy and elegant looking thing. Collage is probably more in keeping with our style anyway. It was fun and I think they look great. I did three for the staff and one for the farmers.

Moving on. Going to a birthday party for Ella at 5:00.

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