Saturday, January 28, 2012

little vinaigrettes

This has been a busy week. Lots of activity at work and at home.

Thursday night, I went to my first Writing in Vignette class at the Art Center. It was very interesting and I woke up the next morning at 4, thinking about my homework. I thought that was a good sign so I went into the office and cranked out a few vignettes.

I worked with a woman years ago who told me she was reading a book that was a series of little vinaigrettes. It tickled me so that I can hardly say the word correctly now. I had to tell the instructor the story in case I slipped and used the word vinaigrette in class.

I've been busy writing for the coffee shop blog, too. My job has been in a state of flux for months and it seems like we're finally settling on what my job should and should not be. That would be a relief. I think we're settling on these things: promotion, public relations, and networking. Yes, I can do that.

Peter stopped over the other night, unexpectedly. We didn't have dinner ready which is kind of unusual but I did have some ribs in the freezer that he agreed to consume. Imagine that. He also wanted his car insurance information that had come in the mail here. I rifled through pile after pile of possible piles, looked in every possible drawer and couldn't find it. I did find an article called "How to Control Your Clutter". Hahaha! I thought that was a hoot. I eventually did find the thing he wanted.

The other morning, I was checking my email and looked at one from Amazon. Before I knew it, I had spent thirty minutes looking at One-Hit Wonders for my music cloud. Music cloud. I can hardly get my head around that. I think it means that I store my music somewhere else. Not a real cloud but a big computer somewhere. Amazon is not so fussy about where the music came from so I'm going to use them. I only bought one of the one-hit wonders.

I went to a marketing seminar the other day at a radio station in Mankato. I thought they might have some good coffee and treats (not) and that I might learn something. It was really interesting and I did learn a lot. Some things I had an awareness of already, like the yellow pages are pretty much a thing of the past, people don't advertise on tv much anymore (because of TIVO and dvr), and that social media can be powerful.

The sales rep I was sitting beside told me to check out two things: red line and lazer something or other. One of them will automatically send a text message to people driving by your restaurant. What the hell. How do it know?

Redlaser and Foursquare. I can barely get my head around this.

If you have a scanner thing on your phone, you can focus it on this code and it will take you right to River Rock's blog. What the hell. How do it know?

I have two books to read on social marketing. I better get started.


Jill said...

Hi Teresa. I get a little nervous about the "tasks" a smart phone can do without permission from the user. If it weren't for you alerting me to Redlaser and Foursquare I'd think aliens had landed if I got a text from a place of business as I drove by. Or maybe a "Hello, Dave. This is HAL," moment from 2001, A Space Odyssey.

Jill said...

Now here's another comment. I like the new format of your blog. Easy to read the current blog, and nice to see others right there to link to.