Monday, January 02, 2012

it doesn't get much better than this...

A birthday party when you're six years old...

An uncle who will wear a tiara because you ask him to is a pretty special uncle.

Ella and her Nana

Blowing out the candles

Alex wanted it to be his birthday, too.

Ella and Halley

We traveled to the other side of town in the icy wind to celebrate Ella's birthday. There was lots of excitement in the air.

Saturday when Ella was at our house, we sorted through my jewelry box and junk drawer. She went home with an old purse full of discarded plastic cards, bits of bracelets, charms, a single earring, and some stories we wrote on little pieces of paper. Her mom told me she was more excited about the purse full of junk than she was about the presents. Ha!

I thought the weather man said the wind would go down by midnight. If it did, it returned with a vengeance. Ugh. I don't even want to go outside. Wind is my least favorite weather event.

I have a full day. The Pulse from 7-8:30. Coffee with Joanne at 8:45. Work as soon as I can get there.

Keep your hood up and your head down today, friends.

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Jill said...

Looks like a great party for Miss Ella!