Tuesday, January 31, 2012

april in january

It was 40 degrees this morning at 6 a.m. and that's above zero, my friends. What a weird winter. I'm not sure how warm it got but it felt like spring. Nice...but weird.

Regis and I watched Cowboys and Aliens last night. I really loved the cowboy parts and Regis really loved the alien parts which means it was the perfect movie for us. Read Roger Ebert's review. He says it's the most cockamamie plot he's seen in a movie in a long time. Daniel Craig makes a great cowboy, though. I had to cover my eyes a few times during violent scenes but it was way more tolerable than some movies I've seen lately.

Our neighbor, Mike, is an illusionist, magician, and comedian. He's been working on an illusion for three years that he calls Paintball Roulette. Here's his poster. I have a ticket and I'm going. It should be a hoot.

I'm not sure about this blog design. I didn't get much feedback...a couple of positive notes...but I kind of like seeing it all laid out there. Not sure I like having to click on things. I'm learning so much about all of these social media things and I tell you, it makes my head hurt.

I had to go back to the old blog design. All my widgets were gone! Oh, no!

I am a bit vulnerable to sales people especially those with a good line of BS. A very gregarious fellow just came to the door saying he would get a bonus for making a sale to someone with a Christmas tree still up. I said dude, that is a Valentine's Day tree. Anyway, he took a picture of it and I bought was he was selling but I'm not going to say what it was and no, not a Kirby vacuum cleaner. I did that one when I was 21. You'd think I would learn. Anybody want to come for a steak dinner?

I  think I have spoken of this before but when I sing on my iPod, I sound just like Alison Krauss. Regis does not exactly concur and usually comes to make sure I'm not wounded when I fire up in song. Last night I was doing my rendition of the Dolly Parton tune Joleen but I called my version Pauline. Unfortunately this song got stuck in my poor husband's head all day and now he has to sing it to someone else to get rid of it. Let's hope it's not you.

I'm taking a community ed class called Writing in Vignette which is a genre I love so I have been busy writing little vinaigrettes. The reason they are so much fun to write is that they're only 200-500 words (some discussion in class related to how many words how many pages...does this sound familiar, Jill?), I don't have to use quotation marks which I loathe, and I can use de-personalized pronouns which could be something I made up. Anyway, it's fun.

I found out why our son, Peter the Illusive has been so...absent lately. I won't say anymore because he hates to divulge personal information (like what he had for lunch) and I don't want to violate his sense of propriety. Don't call and ask me either. I can only say it does not involve us seeing his engagement announcement in the Free Press. 

Going to finish up our Sirloin Tip Roast (Emerill's recipe) for dinner and then watching a movie. 


Jill said...

How did we not talk about vinaigrettes today? Let's do that soon.

grandma saum said...

Peter, you big rat. Did you run off and get married and not tell Granny?
I am waiting to see if you got your Christmas check. I think I put a stop payment on it, but I am not sure.

Joanne said...

I haven't seen or heard from my son in 2 days, and he lives with me! Those boys- you would think they forget that they have mothers.