Thursday, January 12, 2012

after two days of wind that would take your head off if you were crazy enough to go outside

It's a well-known fact that I hate wind. I have always retreated to the basement when the wind blows for extended periods of time. I believe it goes back to my Norwegian immigrant roots. If I had lived in a poorly chinked log cabin in the winter in Minnesota, it would have taken a lot of grapes to make enough wine. That's all I can say about that.

So, Regis just called and said Gus has been invited to disenroll from the class he is currently in and to enroll in a different class where he can.....get more individual attention. I SPENT MY WHOLE CAREER IN SPECIAL ED AND I KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS. Ah, well. In life, you never know what you get.

I continue to be made aware of the bizarre ways in which people believe God communicates with them electronically. I cannot get my head around this. I was raised a Lutheran. I studied the catechism. This much we know is true. No mention was made of God and Facebook.

I have reawakened my reading chi and spent about an hour this afternoon with my kindle, weeding out books I thought I wanted to read but turns out I don't. I have such a narrow band of things I like to crime, no violence, not much suspense, no aliens, no flashbacks, no graphic sex. I pretty much like a linear character driven plot. Ah, well.

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Karen1 from BE said...

Love the photo booth app and party idea - we did something like that for our class reunion. After enough wine, everyone had a blast.
For books - have you read Will THomas? First book in the series is Some Danger Required. It's historical detective fiction and there are five of them now. If you sign up for a barnes & Noble nook account and download the pc app or android app, I can lend you the first one to try out.