Thursday, December 29, 2011

where'd this week go?

One thing that has been difficult about retirement is that my routine keeps changing. Not in a bad way but in a way that makes it hard to have habits. I usually write on my blog in the morning but now I get up later, go to the Pulse later, go to work later....and suddenly the morning is gone.

We went to Mankato last night and I bought a bunch of throw rugs because our fifty-pound infant slides around on our new and quite expensive laminate floors. So, the lovely floors are covered up by cheap rugs. Holy crap. This morning I walked in the living room and Gus has managed to pull the threads on one of the rugs. The others of its ilk are going back to the store and we'll opt for something with a closer nap.

Funny, this dog does not chew things but he like loopy rugs. This is the third rug upon which he has pulled threads. What gives? Not a good dog to have if you are into shag carpet.

Reg watched the dog last night so we actually got to go to a restaurant for dinner. We picked a place whose food we like but...and this is a big but...there is a picture of John Belushi over the fireplace and there are a million large screen televisions. Yeah, too loud and too stimulating.

I usually have a rule that I will not eat in a place with more than one television but I can be over-ruled by good chicken wings.

I just heard on the radio that Adele is the hottest singer in the world. I have never heard her sing. I read a while back that Radiohead (also no clue) is the future of the world. Man, if they ever got Adele and Radiohead in the same room it would be cataclysmic.

We made a vigil to Schmidt's Meat Market after work today. I wanted a prime rib roast for New Year's Eve and maybe a lobster tail. I walk out with those plus cheese curds, beef stick ends, rib-eye steaks, and a New York strip steak....oh, and bacon. I need to refinance the house again.

We're doing a Woody Allen marathon this week. Tuesday night we watched Annie Hall and last night Hannah and Her Sisters. I liked Annie Hall but the other one not so much. Tonight we're going to watch The Purple Rose of Cairo. Regis says it's a comedy.

My new chair arrives tomorrow. And my new Kindle Fire. Livin' like a rich person lately.

I've resolved to read more on the Kindle. I need to get into the current century and since I don't know how to watch tv independently anymore, this is how I will accomplish that. I've been reading like crazy lately and I can't afford the money or the space to keep buying books at this rate.

We watched Fresh this week. Don't watch it if you don't want to change the way you eat.


Joanne said...

I will lend you my Adele CD- I listen to it almost every day at work. She is fabulous!

Teresa Saum said...

I just read this over. I guess you don't make a vigil if you are traveling, right? What's the word I want? Sojourn? Hahaha! I love words.