Thursday, December 01, 2011

thursday, december 1

Gus went into the vet's office yesterday to be neutered. I saw one of the vets at the bank and he said Gus was so happy to be there and just wagged his tail and smiled at everyone. Little did he know, but that's how this dog is...he never expresses any cranky thoughts. We're getting paid back for housing Bert all those years.

And if you don't recall the stories about Bert, check the side bar to the right for the Blasts from the Past. There are a few tales there. He was some dog.

Since we had the night off because our furry infant was in convalescent care, we went to Mankato for dinner. Had the usual great meal at Mazatlan, Regis got some sweat pants for our new Pulse adventure which starts Monday, and I got a very short haircut. I had to make two confessions to Patrick: Forgive me hairstylist, for I have sinned. I used cheap hairspray for the last week and I cut my hair myself on two occasions.

There's a little bit of snow on the ground this morning. I was thinking yesterday that if it's going to be thirty degrees, we might as well have some snow. It's so gray outside which does not contribute to a guy's good mental health. I took my laptop to work yesterday and spent the day working in the front of the coffee shop to take advantage of the sunlight and the socialization.

It was a fun day, actually. I got to work on some projects that have been languishing in a pile on my desk and I got a chance to visit with some of the baristas who I supervise but rarely see for more than a few minutes at a time.

This is a rant about Christmas music so don't read this paragraph if you're a fan. I don't really hate Christmas music but I object to it being blasted out of every electronic orifice from Menard's parking lot to the bathrooms at MSU starting about mid-September and going for the next four months. It's too much. We have some favorites that we play at home but I really don't want to hear some nasty ass version of Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer as I'm pumping gas into my car. It's about enough to make you take a luger to the speakers.

Regis and I made a big purchase last night: Our first new furniture in years. He bought the Santa Fe chair that he has admired for years. It's a recliner but not as butt ugly as a recliner. It's a comfortable chair with lots of room on those wide arms for your cans and pizza and a magazine.
 This is my chair. First I picked out a little red barrel chair but then I sat in this chair. I wasn't really fond of the pattern or the color but spotted a leopard print in the custom fabric pack. So I paid more and will wait six weeks for my chair to come in a leopard print. It's exactly what I wanted.
So Regis and I will look like 4th Street royalty sitting on our new thrones. 

We're not so good at house redecorating. We finally (read the stories) replaced our floors and painted but the furniture we have has been here for ten years. We don't mind and in fact, like it. Our current furniture is leather for which we paid an unreasonably good price. The new faux leather chair was at the sacrifice of at least a few Nauga hides. 

Thursday and on to the weekend.


Jill said...

Your confession sounds like you were trained by a former Catholic. Ha ha! Your chairs look comfy for sure!

Karen1 from BE said...

Love both chairs, but have to confess, I've coveted the chair Regis got for YEARS. Can't wait to see what your chair looks like with the leopard print!!