Sunday, December 25, 2011

some favorite pictures from christmas eve


Amber helps Elliot open a present.

Three boys and Gus (see Elliot's head?)

Alex says cheese

Elliot looks askance

Peter and Elliot

Peter, Elliot, me, and Tiffany

Ella, Emily, and Bob

Regis and Amber in their ugly Christmas sweaters

Bob and Ella

Peter and Tiffany

Almost the whole gang...missing Elliot and Regis, the photographer.


We had a wonderful Christmas. Lots of cooking decorating, present wrapping, eating, sipping wine, and laughing. 

As always, the holiday was not without problems. I ran out of butter and blamed it on the shortage in Norway. Thank God, my daughter-in-law who lives three blocks away had butter at her house. As always, someone got sick, someone cried, toy pieces got lost, and the house is a complete disaster. It will take three hours to do the dishes again.

Such fun. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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