Sunday, December 04, 2011

a little christmas fun on saturday

I love this picture. Regis looks like the thought bubble would say: We're gonna make the dog wear what? And you're gonna wear what???

Yes, the plan was to have Gus wear a string of battery-operated lights and a set of antlers. He would sit up nice and tall like this dog.

It didn't turn out that way at all. Gus required treats to keep the antlers on and he didn't mind the lights but it was all a lot to manage. Mostly we just laughed.

So, here is Gus wolfing dog treats, antlers slipping off his head, and lights disappearing into his considerable fur.

He's so darn cute. You just have to imagine what they might have looked like had it turned out.

So, I got dressed up in my holiday finery, including a Marilyn Monroe wig, a velvet scarf, red and white tights, and Bob Dylan glasses. Gus is the most dignified thing in this photo.

Regis and I in our Wayfarer sunglasses, me in my cashmere scarf, and Regis in a Christmas tie. What a hoot.

 I think Regis bears a striking resemblance to the Reverend Raven in this picture. Maybe I can get him to dress like this from time to time.

Here is the photo of Gus that got so much attention on Facebook this morning. Last time I checked, he had 17 comments and more than a dozen likes. He's some dog. People suggested he be on a Christmas card, a calendar, and a couple other things I can't recall. He does look regal.

Isn't Gus pretty on the red rug? He always wants to be where the action is and apparently he thinks I got some.

We took Gus with us to do some errands on Friday. He sure gets attention in the car. Sandy, was that you who said hello to him at the Post Office as you walked by?

I haven't spent the whole weekend in crazy fits of vanity. I have gotten a lot of things done...the autumn things stashed away, the winter things assembled in the living room, the dishes swapped out for Christmas dishes, the winter wine glasses gotten out of the top cupboard, and the sheets on the bed changed along with the electric mattress pad. Yeah, now I can have a warm bed at night!

I told Gus I would put on my faux beaver coat and take him into the back yard for a romp in the snow. It's beautiful out there. If it's going to be thirty degrees, we may as well have snow.

Next thing to do today (I don't have a list, believe me.) is to work on my menu and grocery list and to decide about a Christmas card or letter. Hmmm.


Teresa Saum said...

Regis says the only thing he has in common with the Reverend Raven is the sunglasses. I disagree. I said I'd buy him a shark skin suit and a black t-shirt and we'd see.

Anonymous said...

Does Gus shed?

Teresa Saum said...

Hardly sheds at all. When you comb him, you get a little hair but he doesn't shed all over your clothes or the furniture. It's somewhat unpredictable in the first generation cross...he will shed more than a poodle and less than a retriever.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Teresa, it was me that said hello to Gus. (Sandy)