Wednesday, December 14, 2011

if you get a christmas letter from me

You better frame it and hang it in a place of glory.

Remember the other day when I said my printer was acting up and I was just going to take my letter to the local print shop to have it printed?

I did that yesterday. Fifty copies. Two-sided. Color. Didn't bother to ask how much it cost.

So, when I go to pick them up, I get two reams of paper, a bunch of envelopes, and some stickers.

Drum roll.


I almost had a heart attack. I shrieked. I asked why so much. Two-sided color copies he said. I said HOLY SHIT.

I wanted to ask if we could soak the ink off the paper and suck it back into the machine.

There is a lesson in this.

I could have bought three new printers for the price of that copy job.


Jill said...

As Miss Bilingual Hannah would say, (read with Spanish accent) "Ay yi yi yi yi, Teresa!"

Mom said...

It looks like Santa won't bring you anything, Teresa. Maybe a new printer. Mom

Jill said...

Your "Holy ****, how much do I owe you?" Christmas letter arrived today. Out of deference to the value of your epistle, I had my white gloves ready so as not to leave finger print marks or greasy spots on it. I am anticipating a collector's value in the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the future. Love the letter!