Thursday, December 08, 2011


I'm having trouble with the cold weather. I have plenty of warm clothes but when I go to work, it's hard to judge just how warm or cold it will be inside the building. Monday I froze all day so Tuesday I dressed in several layers and wore a pair of warm boots. By noon, I was in the bathroom stripping off the layers. Good grief.

I have some kind of respiratory thing. In the night, I was sure I had strep throat but turns out, I don't think I do. I have been up drinking tea since 4 and I feel better.

I am stumped by something. When I send an email, there is a picture of me attached to it that I can't find. It's a picture of me taken Saturday but how did it get to attach itself to my gmail messages? Very strange. I have checked all the settings and profiles and harrumph. No idea.

In the middle of last night, Regis forgot to close the bedroom door so Gus woke up and wandered out. I stumbled out of bed to retrieve him and close the door. He darted past me back into the bedroom, leaped onto the bed and took my spot on the heated mattress pad with his big head on my pillow. We laughed and laughed. He is a hoot. He comes out in the morning to see what I'm doing, then goes right back to bed. Gus that is.

 Here is the book I just finished reading on my Kindle: Great House by Nichole Kraus. I loved the book but I wish I had read the real book and not the electronic version. It's structure is that it's 4 stories told over 8 chapters over a long period of time. I have trouble following that many stories without the actual pages to serve as the framework. 

I've purchased every book that Howard Norman least the ones I can find...and I'm reading them, too. What is Left the Daughter and The Bird Artist are my favorites so far but they're the only two I've read. I started reading Devotion the other night.

I got the annual Whitaker Christmas letter yesterday. I look forward to it and it never disappoints. Linda's husband Allen writes it and he's very funny. It's the perfect Christmas letter because it tells about their home and their lives and their adventures. Not just their kids or their ailments. Life does go on after your kids grow up and it's nice to be reminded of that.

Regis just went off to buy groceries at 6 a.m. We'll do anything to avoid crowds. I'm going back to bed for a while.

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Joanne said...

You might want to get a strep test. Gabe had strep this week and he only had cold symptoms, along with a cranky disposition, which isn't normal for him. I should have sent my grocery list along with Regis- I would pay him to shop for me now. I can't stand the crowds. I start feeling crazy and then I forget my coupons and items on my list. Hope you feel better soon!