Saturday, December 17, 2011

christmas light extravaganza

Regis and I stopped at Patricks to have some wings and a beer with my old school pals, then drove around to look at Christmas lights. We like to pretend we're Christmas Light Display Critics and we give scores based on things like aesthetics, balance, mixing of light colors, theme, and overall appeal.

We didn't see too much that thrilled us although there is a house down by South that did a nice job of blending colors and light types. It got our highest score.

We're not fans of the mixing of rope lighting with big bulbs or the mixing of colored bulbs with plain white. We take a lot of points off for mixing themes...Baby Jesus with Santa, for example. That's just gross.

A cardinal sin in holiday decorating is to throw a net of lights over a bush. You might as well just leave the lights in the bag and toss the bag in the yard. Another faux pas is to hang the lights vertically or to just wrap the trunk. Light critics avert their eyes when they see that coming down the street.

Our neighbors, Mike and Erin, have one of the best trees in town. It's a huge tree and it takes Mike all day to hang those lights but they go horizontally around the tree all the way to the top, the strands of lights are close together, and all the multi-colored light strands are the same. This picture was taken last winter when we had a ton of snow but you can see it's a beautiful tree. Lots of Christmas tree cred there, Michael.

I did a Youtube search for holiday lights and found a lot of stuff like this. Don't play it if you have had any abnormal neurological brain activity because this will certainly trigger an episode. It's a bit much and I hate to think of the time some dude put in planning and executing this thing that must brown-out his entire neighborhood. Be sure to hit the play button because the lights go on and off to the music.

We don't have anything outside and hell I haven't even moved the plants that croaked when they froze. There is still a dead geranium sitting at the edge of my patio so we really aren't qualified to be critics.

It's going to be a quiet weekend at our house.Nothing to do today and I'm going to the Muppet Movie with Joanne tomorrow. A good weekend for bird watching and navel gazing.

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Jill said...

What do you and Regis think about those intense blue lights that are becoming popular around town?