Sunday, November 06, 2011

what happened to the pictures?

Regis is my paparazzi. I give him photo assignments and he takes care of it. But, yesterday he took pictures of the dismantling of the Halloween decor and such but the pictures have disappeared. Ah, well.

We had a meat marathon for dinner. We had taken out of the freezer, over the last few days: two pork chops, a bag of scallops, a whole chicken, and a piece of tuna. It all had to be cooked today so we seasoned it up and grilled it. Now, it's in the refrigerator in meal-size containers for lunch and dinner. Hah!

I have probably talked about this before but Regis refuses to eat tuna based on his Catholic upbringing but I tell him if he ever tasted it, we'd have to arm wrestle for it. Seared ahi tuna marinaded in soy sauce and toasted sesame oil? Oh, my.

We went on a shopping spree this morning. We needed coffee from Aldi, bird seed from Pet Expo, and I needed a few new sweaters from TJ Maxx, my favorite store. What do you know, I found some in great fall colors: sage green, aubergine, pumpkin, heather gray, and black. Regis and Gus sit in the car and attract chicks (women) like a magnet. Advice from Regis to all young men: Get a cute dog.

I passed up a great scarf that the label said was cashmere. It looked like Gus's coat, I swear. Long and crimpy...gorgeous. I have some restraint...but, I might have to go back. Cashmere comes from goats, did you know?

We have our Thanksgiving music on the thing that plays music....Ostroushko, Ungar and Mason, and some other nice violin music of which I cannot recall the names. Regis asked me to delete some of the crazier stuff like Nancy Whiskey. What the hell.

Gus got a new water bowl from Pet Expo. It has to be plugged in and it guarantees that he always has fresh water. Are you kidding me? Every dog we've owned has not been averse to drinking from the toilet and puddles. What the hell.

Busy week on tap. Coffee shop staff meeting on Tuesday night. Trip to Canby to see Mom. Grocery shopping, working out at the Pulse, general monkey business. Here we go.

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