Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend in pictures: canby and river rock

These are backwards but I don't have the mental capacity to change it this morning. I'll start at the end and go in reverse.

We had our event at River Rock last night. A Farm to Table dinner and a comedy show by Mike Callahan and Paul Strickland. It was a phenomenal night. I got to work at 2:00 to set up tables and candles and the bar.

We had 30 paying guests which makes a crowd in the front of the shop. I knew almost everyone there so it was fun and didn't really seem like work.

My job was seating people and pouring water...and visiting with people about the food. I get paid for doing this?

People started showing up before I was done setting up the tables which got a little crazy but everyone was seated and in the process of being fed by 6:15.

Oh, here is the menu! It's hard to read here but if you click on it, it will get bigger. Regis even complimented the kale.

This is the stage Michael set up for the comedy. It looks great and worked really well. Every seat in the house had a good view. 

Here I am with my mom, having a glass of wine on Saturday afternoon. We had good antipasto plate on Friday night and we cooked on the table top grill on Saturday night: shrimp, sirloin, mushrooms, onions.

So, here we are at Monday. I didn't get home until 11:00 last night which is really late for me. And of course, I wake up at 5:30 just like every other day except for the days when I wake up at 4:00. I would love to sleep in one day.

A reasonably busy week. Make it a good one. Have some fun and stop making those to-do lists.

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