Thursday, November 10, 2011


Here's my short (or maybe long) list of happenings for the week.

  • Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. My dad was a veteran and there he is in the picture. I would not make a good soldier so I appreciate anyone who can do that. Bless their hearts.
  • It's been a crazy week at work and at home. 
  • Regis, bless his heart, has toted me to Mankato two times. Once on a purely personal mission and today on a work mission. 
  • Personal mission: Great fall sweaters in autumnal colors. Also an amazing scarf made of some kind of goat fur. Would that be hair...or fur?
  • Work mission: Picked up checks and paper and stuff at thrift stores. Silverware, extra plates, ice cream dishes.
  • Wine elfed (blogspot does not recognize the past tense of elf...what the hell) a colleague who has done the same for me.
  • Sold a bunch of tickets to the comedy event Sunday night at River Rock.
  • Listening to Shuffle Function and the theory that Paul McCartney died in 1963 and was replaced by a Canadian. Gads. Crackpots, the lot of them.
  • Regis made wonderful chicken wings for dinner. Better than anything we have ever had out and about in a restaurant.
  • Went to a great party last night at Annie and Kyle's apartment. So funny how little things have changed in the years since Regis and I were young and in college. Lots of talk of keg stands, beer die, and fun. Tommy gave us the lowdown on the rules for beer die. Crazy. I think he had a moment of nostalgia. Hahaha!
  • Several of the folks at the party had lived in that very same apartment. What a history and if those walls could talk. Quite a hoot.
  • Bought a gorgeous cashmere scarf at TJ Maxx that looks like it was made from the coat of golden doodle. I love cashmere. I love it. I wish I were rich so I could afford lots of it. I mentioned this before but it's worthy of another mention. Actually, I admired it the other day and lusted after it for three days before going back to buy it. That's a good test.
  • We have been planning our first, in quite a while, event at River Rock. it's been fun and I hope it goes over well. I'm nervous but well-prepared. The accountant told me today to get used to the last minute planning. I said districts are not like that. Ha!
  • Going to see my mom this weekend. Hope there are no ill-intentioned folks reading this who will break into my house and read my recipes and steal our crappy music collection while we're gone. Ha!
Ah, that's all the energy I have. Drinking some really cheap wine tonight...Flip Flop? Regis is out taking pictures of the stars and the passing meteors and space ships with his paparazzi equipment. Thanks to our oil well money. Ha!

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