Sunday, November 20, 2011

thanksgiving preparations have begun in earnest

I have been working on my recipe binder and my menu for a few days. Most of the list-making is done so today I started on the gathering of dishes and silver and table linens. In the midst of it, I pulled a drawer of the refrigerator out to wash it and found a mess in the back like someone had slaughtered a cow in there when we weren't looking. An hour later, all is well.

I don't like to take everything out of the refrigerator to clean it so I do it one drawer or shelf at a time. This experience demonstrates why a person should take everything out from time to time...just to discover the evils lurking in the back. I told Regis if anything ever happens to me, he should make sure to hire someone to do that periodically because if not, the botulism will surely get him.

We had our fist snow of the season yesterday. It was inconvenient but beautiful. It's sticking around today but I hear it might be 50 degrees on Thanksgiving Day which is not convenient either as I like to use the outdoors as cold storage this time of year. Where are we supposed to put the pies and the beer if not in the back porch?

I need to get up on a stool and dig some more dishes out of the cupboard over the refrigerator. I have fourteen plates and 18 guests. Not enough. Also need some plates for the dessert table.

Our friends in warmer climes get a kick out of seeing the snow pile on the cement bunny in the garden. He has barely a dusting right now. Last spring got to be a drag for him because for a while, His ears were completely covered. Then they would appear as dark circles in the snow...then disappear again as more snow piled up. We'll see how he does this year.

Sunday's almost over. On to the week.

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Mom said...

Next time you come please take some dishes out of my house. Wish I had know you needed some spares. Love, Mom