Tuesday, November 15, 2011

radio and venn diagrams

Most of you know Regis and I have eschewed television in the past few years and have learned to love the radio. Last night was a new experience as we listened to Miss Lona's show on KMSU. She usually plays jazz but last night she played old cowboy songs like Sons of the Pioneers and Roy Rogers. She does some trivia questions and we each won once so we can't wait to see the prizes. It was a hoot. The Venn diagram for people who are interested in cowboy songs and know how to use google would be something, eh?

A is people old enough to be interested in cowboy songs. B is people who can use google fast enough to be the first called on a trivia question. C is where the two groups intersect. I am really bad at math so this rudimentary/complex explanation is fascinating to me. Yes, that's it. Right there we are...in C.

Gus graduates from dog obedience classes today. When we talked to Ella about dog school, she hooted, and said, "Who's his teacher, a dog?" She thought it was hilarious. Actually a great question.

Yesterday morning, I lingered at home. Regis and I sat in the living room and watched the birds hold a massive reunion at our feeders. We had these birds: two male cardinals, one female cardinal, two blue jays, a bunch of sparrows, juncos, finches, nuthatches, chickadees, and a pair of downy woodpeckers. We found a bag of seed at Pet Expo called Cardinal Mix that seems to draw the cardinals. The thistle seed that was a favorite of the finches in the spring sits untouched and they go for the black sunflower seeds. The fall menu, I guess.

The cardinals can be a little cranky and chase off the sparrows. Some of the birds are messy...the blue jays are fussy and will only eat one kind of seed so they toss everything else over the side.

My Thanksgiving guest list is growing so I better start thinking about how to accommodate these folks in our small house. The back porch, weather permitting, will be where the kids and toys are. Right? I have a draft of a menu and grocery list but it needs work. It's always a balance between traditional and new recipes.

My brain feels tired. I am planning to take next week off from work and feel like I really need it. I could have put that in capital letters but that would be dramatic. Maybe overly so. I haven't had more than a day off here and there (and not many) since last Christmas. I know some people work that all the time but I'm old and I learned a new job in the last six months. That's hard on a gal.

I'm going to work out and then I'll wander in to work. Ah, Tuesday.

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