Friday, November 25, 2011


We are going for a ride this afternoon. To Cleveland or LeSueur, some place not Mankato where the shoppers are converged. He says we shouldn't wait too long because the traffic gets bad. In Cleveland?

It took more than two hours to do the dishes this morning. I had offers of help last night but just didn't want to bother with it then. No regrets. It was sort of a zen moment (many of them...) as the sun came up red as fire in the eastern sky. Beautiful.

All the dishes are done and organized on the table waiting to be put away. I think I will take that job on tomorrow.

I'm not decorating for Christmas or even thinking about Christmas until December. I averted my eyes at the bank this morning when I saw they had Christmas stockings hung already. Can't we just enjoy Thanksgiving through the weekend?

Regis made this youtube video of an accidental series of pictures we took on the patio yesterday. It's a hoot.

We took some left-over pumpkin cheesecake to our friends, Jill and Larry. You can only deal with so many desserts and we had enough yesterday that each guest needed to eat an entire pie. Needless to day, the did not so hence, the massive amounts of left-over pie.

We took a drive out past the Greenlawn Cemetery, the Crystal Farms cheese factory, and Cleveland. We did not encounter any bad traffic. The skies sure look like November.

Regis is reading What is Left the Daughter and likes it, too. It makes him wonder about any anti-German sentiments his dad may have experienced during the war. Too bad we think of those things when it's too late to ask.

Gus slips around on our floors so today he has a set of slippers with gripping bottoms. I can't see this lasting too long because it takes a while to get them on...and they have to be removed when he goes outside...and then put back on. Ugh.

When we went to visit my mom a few weeks ago, Gus left a "calling card" behind one of the beds in the basement. My brother, Pat, discovered it and had to send a picture of it as proof. We are all dismayed and ashamed. This is why people don't like you to bring your pets to their homes.

Regis and I decided, on our drive, that we really don't like turkey. He did as good a job as could be done with a quality, farm raised turkey, but it's kind of dry and bland meat. There's a reason why we don't cook turkey all year round. Next year, I might be able to convince him to do a less traditional meat.

I think we're going to do our separate family meals this year where each of our off-spring will get a dinner invitation during the month of December. We did it last year and it was fun.

Regis just showed me a video of a melee in a WalMart where unruly mobs of people were trying to buy a two dollar waffle maker. Are they crazy? And there was more than one butt crack in the video, too, let me tell you.

I heard that there was a traffic jam in Mankato last night at 10:00 as people converged on the mall area. I don't think WalMart has anything I need that badly and I'd rather pay more if I did need a damn waffle maker.

That's all of my observations for the day. Going into the kitchen to make something easy for dinner. Maybe some of that left-over turkey. Oh, boy.


Jill said...

We thank you profusely for the pumpkin cheesecake. So nice of you to come by with the treats on your trip to the greater Cleveland area.

I'm laughing about Gus leaving something behind (so to speak) at your mom's. I don't clean behind the beds often enough to know if one of our little kiddos has left anything like that. I find an occasional toy or sock or pacifier, but nothing "aromatic" so far. Gus is a dog, and he's entitled to an occasional slip-up!

Karen1 from BE said...

Suggestion for the dry turkey:
Take the leftover gravy and some chicken broth, add it to a pan and then chop up all the turkey and put it in the broth. Heat it thoroughly. You can eat it hot over bread or as a sort of stew. Also freezes beautifully that way to pull out for turkey pot pie or turkey soup all winter long.