Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the mystery movie

My friend, Karen, currently of Lake Tahoe and formerly of Atlanta, Georgia, wants to know about the mystery movie. She says she likes puzzles like this one. So, for Karen, I will describe everything I recall about this movie. But first, does anybody think it's ironic that a person like me, who has not been out of the state of Minnesota in the last five years except for twice and once was to Iowa and the other to South Dakota and barely over the border at that, has friends in far flung places? Ah, the internets are great.

So, here is the list of things I think I remember:

  • I think I saw it in the 80s.
  • It took place in the South.
  • There were dark scenes (black and white?).
  • There was a scene where women were putting pillows into pillow cases in the bedroom of an old house...lace curtains and flowery wallpaper kind of house.
  • There was a scene where some people were sitting under a weeping willow kind of tree.
  • A man gets shot for infidelity. I think by his wife. He had a name like Teddy Jay or something similar. He was a politician. 
  • There were several strong women actors in the movie and one of them may have been that dark-haired, squinty-eyed woman. 
I wonder what it is about this movie that I liked since I remember so little of it. I may have several movies mushed together in my head. The 80s was not a good decade for me in terms of remembering movies and such. I was raising little kids and getting by on very little sleep and was consumed with things like picture books and potty training. Not much intellectual capital.


Jill said...

Your description makes for a good movie in my head, Teresa, but that's as far as it gets with me!

Karen1 from BE said...

I have NO idea on this one. I even searched through all the late 70's thru early 90's movies and made for tv movies in the iMDB database.

Teresa Saum said...

Thanks for your help, friends. I think this mystery movie must be a combination of other movies and my imagination. I don't think it exists.