Tuesday, November 08, 2011

light, or lack thereof

I can already feel the lack of light. I wake up at 5 and it's as dark as the middle of the night. Gus walks around the kitchen and goes back to sleep. I drink coffee and feel a little blue. The sky gets light so slowly and seems to go black so fast at the other end of the day. Would Vitamin D help? Should I linger on my walks to the bank at mid-day?

I'd like to stay in my lounging clothes and wooly socks all day and look at recipes for Thanksgiving instead of going out into the cold and dark and doing what I have to do.

I just read back over my posts from previous Novembers and I feel this every year...a sense of dread about the loss of light. General malaise and crankiness.

As if you needed further proof, here, also written in November, is a blast from the past: things that annoy me in no particular order.


Joanne said...

I agree- I hate going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. I want to put my pjs on at 5:00. It only gets worse for a couple of months too.

Karen1 from BE said...

Getting out at lunch is really key. If you can't do that, then try the light therapy device. My husband built me an amazing light box that I have at home on my treadmill so I get exercise and light at the same time. For work where I spend MOST of my day, I have a little Apollo P1. I call it my "Grow Light".