Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I've been up since 5 o'clock looking at recipes in my Thanksgiving binder and on the web and in my google docs file. I always feel like I want to try something new or at least a new twist on an old favorite. These experiments are not usually popular although now Peter requests the cornbread Andouille sausage dressing every year.

This is an antipasto plate and I think it will be my appetizer du jour this season. Instead of making three appetizers that will either go unconsumed or will be eaten wholly to ruin the appetite for the meal, this will be perfect for the cheese/meat/egg/vegetable/bread eaters among us. Something for everyone.

I was hoping to take the week before Thanksgiving off but we had an unexpected resignation at the coffee shop and it might not be possible now. I am hoping at least to work limited hours.

We had a staff meeting last night with a coffee guru from Minneapolis. I want to learn to pull shots of espresso! What a hoot! She was fascinating and I was amazed at all the connections between coffee, food, and wine in terms of flavor. I was mortified to be drinking gas station coffee from a to-go cup which I almost never do but I was desperate before the meeting started and the shop was closing. I did not reveal the source of my beverage. I have become a coffee snob.

I'm going to prepare for the day and go to the coop for the fixin's for my first antipasto plate. We're going to a fall festival at the home of one of our young bakers. Should be a good time.


Joanne said...

That looks pretty! Can you send me the link to the recipe?

Anonymous said...

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