Thursday, November 03, 2011

how did thursday come around so dang fast?

Well, here is a fast re-cap on the week:

  • We celebrated Halloween in fine fashion. I think I did write about that.
  • Peter came to take me out to lunch for my birthday. It's a sign of maturity, I think, right? Like getting your own cell phone plan.
  • Regis and I were programmers for the day on Wednesday at Shuffle Function (Pop Music as Pornography) on KMSU in Mankato. If you don't know this radio station or these folks, you really should check it out. They are a dang hoot. We controlled the musical destiny of Southern Minnesota, Northern Iowa, and the World that day for two hours. They give great swag and it is a ton of fun. they will eventually publish our playlist and our photo. Tim said we were telegenic. Ha!
  • We came home Wednesday to find a check from my mom.We've had great fun today thinking of ways to spend it while having fun. Mom insists that we don't replace the bathroom plumbing or anything so pedestrian as that. We're happy to oblige.
  • Work has been a handful this week. Not a bad handful but a handful.
  • Saturday, we are making the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving. We are very seasonal people in our cooking, decorating, and even in our music. We have plans to get out the Thanksgiving playlist that includes a lot of Peter Ostroushko, Molly Mason and Jay Unger, and some Lehto and Wright (They play all the hits of the 15th and 16th centuries.).
  • I wear a lot of orange and aubergine in the fall but not in the other parts of the year. I have some earrings and bracelets I only wear in the fall.
  • We have outdoor work that still needs to be done. The plants are still in their pots, there is a flag sticking out of a geranium pot (ugh), and a few lawn chairs need to go away. Decision: Do we let Howard's rosemary tree freeze or try to nurse it through one more year?
  • We found out that our neighbor is not moving away. Whew. We thought it might have been something we did. 
  • I got out the Thanksgiving binder and have started collecting recipes for some changes. Regis insists we do not serve oysters and roasted root vegetables. No sense of fun, that guy.
  • I ordered up a pair of sturdy but not too ugly winter boots. I have lots of boots and most of them are probably what could be called fashion boots. They are not practical for the sorts of trudging about town that I do in a day at work. Here's what I bought:

  • Regis saw a red-headed woodpecker in our yard today. Here's a picture in case you are bird-knowledge-impaired. I had another word there but Regis thought it would be offensive so he sanitized my word choice. This is not the actual bird but a google representation.

  • I also bought a new hat and a pair of mittens. A guy has to be ready for bad weather before it appears which could be momentarily.
  • We do not have huge plans for the weekend. It's hard to have huge (read: any) plans when you have a 45 pound furry infant who has tantrums  living in your house.
  • Regis was so frustrated with Gus after dog school the other day that he bought a gentle leader collar for Gus. He will get a tutoring session (Gus, not Regis. I think.) after class next week. I made excuses for him...he was over-stimulated from the weekend...he was off his schedule...he was teething. 
  • Mom, if you are reading this, I bet you are anxious to have our dog visit next weekend. He really isn't this bad. I exaggerate for effect.
Well, there you go. Off to bed. I'm reading a book called Corvus. I love it. Regis thinks crows are creepy but I love them. Shelley said they seem to know something about you so you don't want to make eye contact with them. She could be right.

Good night and have a great Friday.

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Jill said...

Those boots look warm enough for cole weather bike riding, Teresa!