Friday, November 18, 2011

ah, friday finally

I'm on the sofa and it's Friday morning. Waiting for the coffee to finish. Started the fireplace and Shuffle Function. Gus came out to take a look then went back to bed. I'm feeling a little bit like that myself. My plan is to go to the Pulse at 8:00 to run my mile challenge and go to yogalates but I can't see that happening right now.

I finished What is Left the Daughter yesterday. I loved it. I loved the story and I loved the writing. Somewhere toward the end I read a sentence (while riding an exercise bike) that made me close my eyes and hold the book to my chest. As I wrote the other day, much heartbreak but also sweet redemption.

I ordered another book by the same author. I reminded me of the experience of reading Out Stealing Horses when I finished the last page and went right back to page one to read it again.

We went to the Beaujolais Nouveau party at Patrick's last night. Here's a little video of what the whole thing is about...mostly a great marketing scheme for substandard wine.

But hey, like anything else, it's a reason to get together with people for some conviviality on a cold and dark November night. Some dude tapped a small cask of wine, we each got a hand-painted glass, the food was great: Korean style ribs, sliced pears, grapes, wonderful cheese, and a warm cheese dip. All in all, a lot of fun.

We had a chuckle about what kind of grass you feed gouda. And what's a gouda anyway? Is that like a cashmere?

Betty and Tom are coming for dinner and drinks tomorrow night. I am struggling with the menu. We're stuck on the grilling concept and can't remember what we eat in the fall and winter, apparently. Think I need to spend some time perusing cookbooks for inspiration.

I'm tired today. I know some days my job is too intense for the energy I want to expend at a job at this point in my life. I like my job a lot. I love the people. I have learned to enjoy all the things I do...or most of them. But I want to enjoy it about 20 hours a week and not be resentful of more than that.

I'm checking in with all the young people at work to make sure they have plans to go somewhere for Thanksgiving. I used to get nervous about extra people..worried about my housekeeping standards and such...but now I like it. It adds to the fun to have people bring food and wine and visit about different things.

Having a forty pound furry infant wandering around during the party might prove a challenge so thank God we have the bear fence.

Time to get moving. On to the weekend.

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