Friday, October 07, 2011

where's your social filter, you old bat?

I'm home from work early today because I worked 12 hours yesterday. My goal was to write a nice long blog post this afternoon and I even emailed myself a few lines I wrote in my head as I got ready to go to work this morning.

I rode my bike to work about 7:15 this morning and it was so beautiful it almost brought tears to my eyes. There was a gentle breeze blowing dry leaves across the street, the sunrise was pink and red, and the air was almost balmy. Who could live anywhere else in October?

Last night was an annual event in St. Peter. I won't name it because I don't want anybody putting it in google and reading any disparaging remarks I wrote about it. It was way more civilized and way more fun than I anticipated. The only moment of unpleasantness was when an older woman told me that her hair used to be like mine. I said, "What? White?" No. So I said, "What? Spiky?" No, she says, "Thin." WTF. Where is your social filter, you old bat? She suggested I try biotin and I suggested she try keeping her pie hole shut.

When did it become ok for people to just comment on whatever happens to flit into their tiny minds? Spoken (written) by a person with almost 1500 blog posts. And where is my social filter, you might ask.

If you have been paying attention to the Nobel Prize news, you will know that Bob Dylan was edged out of a prize for literature by some Swede poet. Bummer, I say. I know a guy in Sweden and he says Dylan was robbed. He had never heard of the poet dude and neither have I. Who awards these prizes anyway? Oh, the Swedes. Ahhhh, I get it.

On Monday, we are celebrating Bob Dylan Almost a Nobel Prize in Literature Winner Day at River Rock. We're going to dress as a line from one of his lyrics. He has released about 450 songs so the options are unlimited and it should be fun. I figure the line can't be so obvious that everyone gets it right away or so obscure that they don't even get it once you tell them. I have a couple of ideas but I'm not going to tip my hand.

Two pieces of sad news this week in the dead department, Steve Jobs and Eleanor Mondale. I didn't follow Jobs much but I recognize genius. I have a picture of Jim Henson on my office wall. Ironically, it is an Apple ad. I just thought of that. Eleanor Monday Eleanor Monday? What the hell. Eleanor Mondale!) was so full of life. I loved reading about her adventures and I love this picture of her giving her dad, Walter, a piggyback ride.

A friend of mine wrote on Facebook that her husband was recently interviewed for the weekly newsletter where he works. He was asked how long he had been there, and he replied since 1969. The reporter gasped and said his mother wasn't even born then. Well, there's a kick in the shorts for you. Probably not what this kid's journalism professor meant by dispassionate professionalism.

I was at work this afternoon and an old high school classmate of mine walked in. I hadn't seen him for years. He came up to the counter and asked if we had any free stuff. In the moment it took me to recognize him, I registered his question in the context of Girls Night Out where hundreds of women are looking for free stuff, and dropped my jaw. Then I knew his voice and laughed out loud.

We have been interviewing at River Rock which is a bit of a mind suck. There are some high energy folks in the world and I love it but being around them can be exhausting for an old person like me with thinning hair.

Regis just went off to do a wedding rehearsal for some folks he is performing a wedding for tomorrow. Ugh. I don't want to go stand around a park in this wind for anybody. I'm going to close the doors and windows and pretend I don't know about the red flag fire alert.

There's a doings at some Legion Club later and I don't really want to partake of that either. Regis might be overcome by the social spirit after the wedding rehearsal and will call and cajole me into going. Legion Clubs generally have really bad wine. I was told at one once that they had some red wine in a bag but it was out of the box and they didn't know what kind it was. Oh, boy.

We're celebrating a series of dress-up days at River Rock prior to Halloween. Witch Day, Pirate Day, Crazy Hat Day...can't remember them all. We may celebrate Day of the Dead, too. Can you believe I get paid for doing this?

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Anonymous said...

Bet you didn't know I also was a Mondale fan. She and her partner made me listen, laugh, aand do some thinking.
Will think about the "Bob" dedication garb I might find.
Sorry I missed coming down for the "Female's Night." I would have kicked that uncouth Bitch's butt!