Saturday, October 22, 2011

true confessions

So, yesterday I went to pick up my race packet and the whole experience was so daunting and unpleasant that I decided to forego this experience. I decided that going down the road at 7:30 a.m. with 4,000 other people was not my idea of a good time. Here I sit. Drinking coffee. Contemplating a shopping trip. Thinking about breakfast. Ah, life is good.


Joanne said...

Good choice! You shouldn't engage in those kinds of activities unless you really want to do them. We can run next weekend. It will be fun!

Jill said...

Too many people this year, maybe? Charlie, Angie, and Annie did the half marathon. I asked them to be on the lookout for you in the 10K, but now I know why they didn't see you. You can rest on your laurels for a long, long time after completing the half last year!

Richie said...

Thought about you and the marathon. I heard this week that this marathon was a qualifier for the Boston. Am glad that you decided not to run. We know how you hate to travel.