Monday, October 24, 2011

this weekend passed quickly, as most do

We had a wonderful weekend. Lots of cooking on the grill, lots of squandering time being lazy, and a busy Sunday getting things done.

I had tubs of stuff belonging to Tiffany and Peter in the basement, some of it worth keeping (dolls and action figures and first clothes) but much of it was stuff that could be thrown away. Did I really need to keep that deflated balloon that I got when I was in the hospital when Peter was born?

It's been consolidated to one tub per kid to keep, a box to go to the thrift store, and a box of junk. They aren't sentimental at this point in their lives but I hope some day those things will be important to them. Tiffany has a few beautiful dolls, because I loved dolls, but she was kind of uninterested in them. One she thought was creepy and asked for it to be re-boxed and put in the closet.

I started going through stuff in what used to be my office. I cleaned out about a dozen binders full of writing stuff (this made me a little sad) and boxed up a lot of books. Almost everything is on a shelf now.

We've given away a lot of furniture in the last few weeks. We have had two easy chairs and an ottoman for more than ten years and we got it used. Last week, we asked Jan, the woman who cleans for us, if she wanted them. Before we could blink an eye, she had muscled those chairs out the back door and they were on the way to her truck. It feels good to have less crap and more space.

That's enough about my cleaning binge. We have run out of recycle and garbage room this week. If you have any to spare, let me know.

Last night we cooked a mega pile of stuffed peppers on the grill thinking that it might be the last time we get to do it. Now we have peppers for the week to eat with our left-overs and in omelets. We have enjoyed those this summer.

This week I get to start wearing costumes. Wednesday is River Rock Colors Day which is not really a costume but still has potential for fun. I have crazy brown and orange tights that Regis found in a free box at the evil costume company where he worked. I think the bad mojo is gone from them by now.

Thursday is Pirate Day so I better start brushing up on my pirate speak. I have a great costume but whether I dare wear it on the street in broad daylight is a good question. Oh, yeah, I think I do. Friday is Witch Day. Some of the young people I work with are nervous because they apparently don't have a lot of costumery in their closets. Hey, I can help.

This is me in my pirate costume. The cutlass is not real, neither is the parrot. I am peering at you through a telescope which I also use to spot rum runners. Hahaha! I'm hoping the weather is pleasant enough that I can ride my bike. Be sure to stop in the coffee shop this week to share in the fun.

Gus likes to go out a lot in the morning. He goes out right away when he wakes up but as soon as he eats, he starts ringing the bells to go out again. We're on to his game and know that usually it's what we call a stick run (he likes to chew sticks) or he just wants to patrol the perimeter of the yard, keeping us safe from bunny rabbits, I guess.

Well, on to Monday and work and the rest of the foolishness. Jane and Dick are coming next weekend so there are preparations to be made. Stories will be told and more created, no doubt.

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Jill said...

I wonder what the official cut off period is for holding on to things like your deflated balloon? I'm pretty sure Elisabeth's baby book has petals from the mums Larry gave me after she was born. Mums for Mom. Get it? She has the baby book now. I made the kids take theirs when they had their own babies. When Annie was born I switched from a traditional style baby book to a journal, thinking I'd write narrative regularly. She was a cranky baby and I never had the time to write. I am still feeling guilty about that.

Have fun being a pirate.