Saturday, October 08, 2011

preparation for fall and halloween has begun

Regis just gets out of the way when I get in the Halloween preparation mode. I drag out all the costume paraphernalia, the tubs of decorations and tableware, and I go like a mad woman. Even the dog was nervous.

I just carried the last empty tub to the basement and the costumes are laid out on the bed. I'll have Regis take some pictures of the decor as soon as he's done making me eggs and bacon.

I live like a queen and I know it.

We're going to a wedding this afternoon and then a reception. Gus will be cared for by the boys. He is not a fan of being crated although he does become resigned to it when he sees it's inevitable.

Regis is so anxious for his new camera to arrive that when he left the house to go to the bank, I asked if he was really going out to track the UPS guy.

You can see I'm working on some costume concepts that are not fully developed. Yes, in the pirate wench photo, that is a black wig, a pirate hat, and a parrot on my shoulder. The cutlass is not real. And no eye rolling, please. Every day's a ride.

Well, off with the wigs and on to the wedding preparations.

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