Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the nicest kind of surprise

I was walking back into the house after exercising this morning when I spotted this in my garden. It's an impatiens and it's growing in an area that has seen major disruption this summer with a patio expansion, then hosta and perennial planting, let alone the fact that I didn't plant any impatiens this summer. Where did this little thing come from? Quite a survivor, I'd say. What a nice surprise in the late fall garden.

I also found this lovely plant that I don't believe has ever bloomed before and used to be in a different place. I think it's a variety of joe pye weed, but I can't be sure.

Regis is really into zombies this year. He wrote a story for a writing challenge they had on our favorite morning radio show. This is the show for which we will be the programmers for a day the 2nd of November. Put that on your calendars! I don't really understand a fascination with zombies as I have never read about them and have never seen a movie with a zoombie in it. Ella knows more about zombies than I do. I'm not a fan of anything scarier than....can't even think of an example. Regis says the lion in the Wizard of Oz. Yeah, that's about it.

It was cold here today. I talked to a fellow at the shop who was in the process (packed car) of moving from Utah to Minnesota and he was not in favor of this cold weather. I would have no clue about the weather in Utah but he says it's much milder than here. We are a hearty lot in Minnesota.

Two days in a row, my new schedule has worked. I exercise at 8:00, go to work at 10:30, and come home at 4:00. That's a great string!

I'm reading a very good book that everyone else has probably read long ago: The Thirteenth Tale. Just now checking the reviews, I see it came out in 2006. I wonder how long it's been on the shelf. I like it anyway. I have been reading a lot in the middle of the night which is fine but I often wake myself up when the book falls to the floor.

We're getting our beef from Meat Mike tomorrow. That's what I call him in my phone. Damn android phone collects every phone number for anybody who crosses your path in any of the social media so there is a list a mile long. I can't remember who all these people are so I call them things like Meat Mike and Patrick Hair.

If you recall, when we first started doing business with Mike, he offered to have me come out to his farm to see that his cows had great pasture-fed lives. No, thanks, I said. I'll take your word for it. I don't need to look into the big brown eyes of anything today that I will be eating next week.

We're celebrating Halloween at River Rock with a series of dress-up days and some of my coworkers don't have adequate costume supplies so I am gathering some things to take to work so they can be appropriately clothed. Let's see....pirate day, witch day, River Rock colors day, dress like a biker day, crazy hat day, and costume of your choice day. I've already been doing WILD TIGHTS DAY every day but I felt that might be an imposition for the men on our staff.

Regis and Gus went to dog obedience class this morning and Regis reports that Gus did very well oh thank goodness he did not get kicked out of school. He and the dingo are still like bad magnets but at least they don't fly around the room like crazy kites at the ends of their leashes. That was embarrassing.

Gus weighs 35 pounds and is about the size of a small pony. Hard to believe he could be 70 pounds. We had visitors last night and he was well-behaved what a relief. Today, the assessor for our home refinancing came around and took about 5 pictures of our house and about 20 pictures of Gus. Ha!

I saw a friend of mine today, who in the last three months has had pneumonia, bronchitis, a house fire, and a bad case of tendinitis. I said she should probably walk away real fast because she's a lightening rod for bad luck. No, I didn't. That would be kind of mean, now wouldn't it? hahaha! On my walk to the bank, I saw a woman sleeping behind the wheel of her car. (It was parked.) I had the worst urge to pound on the hood. That would wake her up. Some people don't admit to these kinds of thoughts, I know that.

Well, that's probably enough of my random thoughts for one night.

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Jill said...

The Thirteenth Tale is intriguing. I love how it begins in that antiquarian bookstore. Lovely writing, too. I thought you had already read it, and that we had talked about it. It must have been a dream.