Monday, October 17, 2011

a new week

I got home from work on Friday about 4. Regis and I wandered down to the bar about 5 and had a drink and a bite to eat. We were home by 8:00 after visiting with lots of people, hearing the news about the Oktoberfest, and seeing the Govies parade off down the alley. That was the last time we left the house all weekend except for a brief trip by bicycle to the bank on Saturday morning.

We're ready for a new week. We got some piddly chores done that we have been putting off for a few weeks and we had a day of complete decadence. It was a good weekend.

There are a few things we need to get done before winter. Organize the garage a little bit for one. You couldn't get a snowblower out of there for anything at this point. We tend to just drop things as we go in the door. Never a good policy but it's the way we are.

I've been working more hours than I want to work at River Rock. Every week, I think I have a handle on it and turns out, I don't. My exercise has suffered and I feel unbalanced many days. I made a schedule Friday that says I will go to the Pulse every day at 8:00, some days I will take a class and some days I'll just walk or run. I'll go to work at 10:30 and work until 4:00. Many good things about this schedule and I'm going to try and stick to it.

We didn't partake of any of the Oktoberfest. It might have been a happening but we don't drink real beer anymore, don't really enjoy polka music, and it was cold. Ah, well. It looked like a good time...all but the sauerkraut eating contest. I can eat a bite of sauerkraut about one time a year. Ack.

Regis and listened to a two-disk set of songs from the 60s yesterday while we finished out DIY projects. Ha! Pretty funny. He grew up in a big city and was a little more savvy regarding the 60s than I was. I said growing up in SW Minnesota, I didn't experience the 60s until the 70s. Always a decade behind. Of course, I missed the 80s completely because I had two babies. No wonder my sense of recent music history is so messed up.

The radio station we listen to in the morning is crazy. They play independent stuff which we appreciate. (We're going to be programmers for a day on November 2nd.) This morning, they announced that Sonic Youth is splitting up. Who? Never heard of them. Like the time I read (on the cover of the Rolling Stone) that Radiohead is the Future. I wondered how this could be when I had never heard of Radiohead and had no idea if this was a person or a band or some kind of small kitchen appliance. Maybe I should be more careful about expressing my ignorance.

Well, this was pretty much a random and weird post. It's Monday morning so what can you expect?

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