Tuesday, October 11, 2011


There was a full moon last night but I didn't see it. By morning, it was gone.

We had a tiny bit of rain yesterday, just enough to wet the grass and consequently, Gus's feet. We wipe his paws off but he still manages to bring in a load of leaves stuck all over in his fur (hair?) and dirt all over his paws. He's also learned to jump on the bed in a single leap. He doesn't sleep up there if we're both in bed because there isn't enough room but he does like to jump up to check it out. It's one big step for him which gives you an idea how big he is and he's only half grown. I think we're raising a bear.

River Rock reached a huge milestone yesterday. They are now serving all of their sandwiches on homemade bread which is major league in the restaurant business. They developed the recipes and a schedule so this is not just a "now and then" thing...or when they get around to it. It's a commitment and they are amazing.

I ordered flowers for Annie to celebrate. Mary Smith from Mary's Flowers said she would deliver them with style and she never disappoints. She came in and performed "We're Going to Breadland" to the tune of the Paul Simon song Graceland. It was a damn hoot.

I was surprised to hear how many people (young, old, and in-between) did not know much about Bob Dylan. But then, I don't know much about the bands in the 80s so what the hell. Bob Dylan seems like more of a cultural icon. Heck, he almost won a Nobel Prize.

I better get moving here this morning. Just one more thing. I love looking through my downloads file because all the pictures and crap I have posted on Facebook and my blog over the years are archived there. Like this:

I don't remember anymore why I used this picture but it must have had significance at the time. Or maybe not.

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