Sunday, October 09, 2011

minneopa in the fall

The couple for whom Regis performed the wedding yesterday chose Minneopa State Park as the site for their wedding. This was a bit of a risky proposition in the fall, but they got lucky and yesterday was an amazingly gorgeous day. The park was full of folks with their little kids and their dogs and picnic baskets.

I took some pictures with my phone and tried to upload (download?) them to Facebook from the park with no success. Today, I am trying to email them to myself from my phone to my laptop but that isn't working either. I hate technology sometimes.

 Regis did a wonderful job of performing the wedding. It was a lovely ceremony and I cried a few tears even though I don't know these people very well. The tiny gnats or whatever they are were vicious, though, and it was almost comical the way the entire audience was swatting and scratching.

The reception was at a local hotel and the meal was catered by that place which I won't name because this experience might have been an anomaly and perhaps their food is usually good. The meal we had last night was hands down the worst food we have eaten in a long time. Really bad ass turkey and ham, a vegetable combo that was cooked to mush, and bad bread. Ugh.

Gus has been playing so hard this morning that while he was digging a tennis fall out from under a chair, he fell asleep on his back with his head under the chair. He's some dog.

Well, I have a few things to do today but I am trying to limit them. I have two hostas to plant and this keeps appearing on the list so I better get it done. We're going out and about in a while to buy charcoal, pumpkins, and a few things for dinner. Gus loves to ride in the car. If we tell him we're going for a ride, we just open the door and he walks right to the car.

Make it a good day.

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